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A little about us

What we do

Delegations and missions we have been for a long time.
Exactly since 2006, if anyone is curious of our internship. ;-)
We know the specifics of such trips, and our services are used by large and small companies. Service delegation ordered Directors, managers of, Drivers, personnel departments, secretariats, universities ...
The directions we serve are not simple.
However, given the experience without too much trouble we are operating in areas such as: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, China, and a few even less common.
In most countries whose we operate, we have a proven and trusted partners

What trips organized?

We organized company trips, trips to shows, to exhibitions, conferences, social events, business meetings, business meetings ... a lot of that was.
Our clients were participants in international events and activities and those of smaller regional.
But always where they rode our customers in the delegation had provided professional assistance from our side, regardless of the type of event in which they participated.

Who are our customers?

It heads of businesses (very large and small), directors, scientists, managers of, never had a letter objections to service!
They also often get letters of congratulations and thanks.
We are a proven serious company that matters "eastern" takes a few years.

I think, so that you can safely trust us.

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