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All our services priced individually, all prices are only indicative cost, in order to realize the size of your fees and costs.

All our services are billing without VAT or a VAT invoice. The accounting department of your company or institution may thus account for the costs of delegation.

Price list iDelegacji.com:

Airline tickets (cheap airline): 50~100 PLN / 13~25 EURO
Airline tickets (regular lines): 75~150 PLN / 19~38 EURO
Arranging visa: 50 ~ 150 PLN / 13~38 EURO, depending on the type and country of visas.
Hotel Reservations: 50 ~ 150 PLN / 13~38 EURO, on demand of the city and the country.
Language interpreter service - tour guide: 300 PLN / 75 EURO, per 1 day up to 8 hours.

Other contracted services, are valued individually

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